Top down watering and bottom up watering

The water from the top may cause water run down from the sides of the container and will not reach all roots. Watering from the bottom by placing a water plate underneath the container eliminates above problems in top watering method. Specially potted plants are encouraged to bottom up watering. 

When you use bottom up method to water potted plants plant roots get stronger because they are always growing down towards moisture. Also its confident that your Plant roots get enough moisture. This system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor potted plants. The key in bottom up watering is timing. Also there should be a good drainage hole and there should not be pebbles at the bottom of the pot.You can make sure your plants get enough moisture by push down your finger in to the soil between plant stem and container wall until your 2nd knuckle. If you do not feel moisture in the soil then it’s time to water or increase the time you keep the water plate down the container.

Even though bottom watering moist the roots uniformly it doesn’t wash away the salt and mineral deposits accumulate on top of soil. Therefore when watering bottom up pour water top of the soil once a month to rinse the soil and remove excess minerals.

common method to manually water plants is top down method where you pour water from the top. Watering from top.
can cause discolouration of leaves, brown rotten patches on leaves etc. When the plant is root bound pouring.

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